Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bent Aylor

He's playing in my sister's living room. Tonight. It's a secret. Don't tell anyone.

Got to dash if I'm to have any chance of an armchair

It will look and sound a bit like this.


Blogger ziggi said...

I like his foot paint! And he seems to have borrowed WW's teeth. How lucky you all are.

1:41 pm  
Blogger Cream said...

Enjoy! But do give a few details...

5:17 pm  
Blogger Within Without said...

HA HA HA! Hi Cherrypie! Ziggi sent me here with a comment she left on my blog...

SHE'S RIGHT! He has my teeth! The scoundrel. And I could google him, but I'm guessing he is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon?

The guy's got a great voice (along with great teeth!)

Hope you enjoyed it.

12:54 am  
Blogger Within Without said...

Hey CP...

Well I googled him anyway and of course, as you know, I was right about Ben being James's and Carly's offspring.

He sounds exactly like him in that great song you linked to and he looks exactly like her.

Go figure!

12:57 am  
Blogger homo escapeons said...

Now I know of TWO gentlemen who can eat corn on the cob through a picket fence.

6:27 am  

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