Thursday, April 13, 2006

TGI Easter

I was dreading today. 23 completions, some of which hadn't yet exchanged did not a quiet day at the office suggest. I was heartened on the journey to work by my first site of a housemartin - 3 in fact. I thought I'd seen one land on a telegraph wire on my way home last night but was going too fast to be certain.

Then as I drove over the Bridge ( which, incidentally, is going up on my flipping birthday just to rub salt into the wound), I spotted a familiar streak of orange. Amy was out on her what was probably her first voyage of the year in full sail. I really must get out on her again this year.

A pretty good start to the day.

All 23 matters went through smoothly and painfully without anyforceps or need for gas & air. ( One of the couples was a Portuguese Dad and a Brazilian-Japanese Mum. Imagine how beautiful that baby was!) I even had time to enjoy a leisurely lunch with Sophie and catch up on life sort of with Martian.

And now I have 4 whole days to fill, hopefully with something more wholesome than gin and tonic. It's starting at about 8 o'clock ( although he's always freakishly early which irritates Me, who is inevitably inherently late), dinner with Moustache Mark and a couple of rugby parents. I don't really want to go. I certainly won't be able to talk about books all night. They ain't the sort of folks that Do readin'. But I'm greedy and like to pretend I'm popular. There's also a good chance there will be gin and tonic involved somewhere along the line.

I might scare Jack tomorrow by suggesting we go to a museum or gallery. When the wailing stops, I'll drop him off at his mate's and then weed the garden.

I'm really really excited by Saturday. I have found a new venue where I can come out of the closet and wear my beard with pride. I'm booked on a geology course to learn all about the bedrock of my surrounding area. I'm bound to pick up all sorts of useless information to torture Jack with on long car journeys.

Sunday I shall do something with Clare. I exchanged contracts on her first house today so she'll be in a jolly mood.

All of which brings us back to Monday and our regular bi-monthly comedy outing. Only this time we'll be part of the management. Jon, the endearingly inept promoter, has asked me and Darbster to run the door for him. We can't wait. Jack is going to help too. We just have to find ourselves some walkie-talkies, watch some vintage Max & Paddy for tips on posture and we'll be all set.

Actually, Moustache Mark used to be a bouncer. That's my first topic of conversation sorted!!


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