Friday, April 07, 2006

We had a bit of sun yesterday. Not much more than 20 minutes at most but the winter bite seems to have diminished. It was enough to prompt Jack and about 20 of his mates to camp out in the wooded hills a few miles away.

I've never let him do that before and insisted instead that they pitch the tent at the bottom of Mum's garden. It's miles away from the house and hidden from view so they could pretend they were out in the wilds, whilst having the ability to pop back ( usually every 10minutes on average) to replenish food supplies and use the bathroom. The following morning, I'd usually find them and assorted sleeping bags on every available surface in the lounge, having crept back in somewhere between 1 and 2am.

Last night I relented. He assured me he'd be warm enough in his new green hooded jacket, inside Alasdair's tent, huddled up with his mates. I wasn't so sure and offered to run down with a thermal sleeping bag and his duvet. He protested, probably rightly suspecting that I'd also slip in his cuddly Tigger ( what fun is there if we can't embarrass our children?).

I called Darbs to make sure Jack could have a safe place to bolt to if a tropical storm hit or some other catastrophe befell them and then took myself off to bed.

First thing this morning, I tried calling him to make sure he was safe and to see if he needed picking up before heading for work. There was no reply. I sent a text. No response. I called again. Still nothing. He'd promised me his phone was fully charged. The village they were in is a bit remote and it's often only possible to get a signal on alternate Tuesdays when standing on one leg on a chair at the top of the stairs in a westerly facing house, but the phone was ringing out quite strongly. I started to get a bit concerned.

I called Debbie, Alasdair's Mum, to see if she'd heard anything. It seems they'd been woken up at 1.15am

" Muuuuuuuummmmmm, it's cold and we're bored. Can Dad come and get us?"

Jack was curled up on Alasdair's sofa, fast asleep. I dropped his Tigger off on my way to work.


Blogger Brian the Mennonite said...

I remember doing the same on several occassions...always thinking that THIS time I'd stay out all night. Now my kids are beginning to do the same things. The circle of life.

You're a good mother.

1:53 am  
Blogger cream said...

I think it's still too cold for camping out! Rotten weather!
Was Jack embarassed to find Tigger when he woke up?

7:51 pm  
Blogger Cherrypie said...

Fortunately, Jack's in touch with both his feminine side and Inner Child so he could see the funny side of it.

Thanks, Brian. I try my best but it's easier when you've only got the one. Any more than that and I think I'd have resorted to predation x

10:12 pm  

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