Thursday, March 30, 2006

I''ve just found out that the Bridge which I use every day to and from work was toll-free for one day only this week. The first time ever in its 25 year history. The first time ever in the 10 years that I have been travelling over it daily.

I wasn't working! I missed the opportunity to save £5 of the approximate £12000 that it has cost me to work in Kingston-Upon-Dull as opposed to staying in Dullthorpe. I am such a loser sometimes.

I was instead playing shops with Vickie. She runs ( and is about to buy) a small sandwich shop and I took the rare opportunity to call in and watch one of my friends working. She was really busy so I soon found myself wearing a pinny and standing behind the counter before a queue of customers stretching outside the door. My first job was to serve a pre-order to a big dusty council worker. I handed him the large bag and carefully tried to enter the prices in the till. I couldn't see a subtotal button so I shouted round the corner to Vickie. Well how was I to know it was the digital weighing scales? It looked till-like.

Vickie took great delight in ensuring that every single customer that came in after that was regaled with the story and also appraised of my occupation. I decided to try something less demanding and asked instead if I could use the meat-slicer. I've always fancied having a go at that. I love watching the women in Tesco get the Serrano Ham so waferlike. Apparently you have to go on a special course to be able to use one. I argued that no-one was going to know and that if a school-leaver can be shown how to safely work one ( they can't - you have to be 21! even 17 year olds can drive cars for goodness sake), surely I, with my higher than average IQ, would find it a doddle. She reminded me of the till/ scales misidentifaction and I spent the next 3 hours out the back, with my hands in the sink. I know my place. Once a scrubber always a ...

Anyway - that was a few days ago now. The only thing I have done today ( apart from a 12 hour stint in the office, getting my money's worth of Bridge toll), is deliver a lecture worthy of the College of Law to my son on the Thin Skull Rule and the Murder/ Manslaughter Statutes. I made him repeat back the MacNachten Rules over his Coco-Pops, despite his protestations that the chances of a man with a proverbially thin or egg-shell skull would be rolling around on a rugby pitch ( his arguments are getting just that little bit too eloquent - we do NOT want another lawyer in the family). Let's hope he remembers that lesson next time he finds himself on the blind side of the ref.


Blogger cream said...

Cherry, you should've gone to work just to enjoy the free crossing!
Jamon Serrano, I love it!

11:55 pm  
Blogger Brian the Mennonite said...

You certainly have a full life, Cherry. For someone who writes that she is terminally bored, you've got the best tales to tell of ANYONE I know.

4:41 am  
Blogger Praying for your Prodigal said...

Don't you just hate change!


3:10 pm  
Blogger Melora said...

That toll sounds So high. I think you could drive the whole length of the state of Florida on the Florida Turnpike (a toll road) for about $9. Ed says, "It must be a really nice bridge."

I love the story about the till/scales! I remember when I was an undergraduate and working for the summer at our local K-Mart (a large chain store selling cheap merchandise of all sorts). I was embarrassed and dismayed when I, a College Student, didn't quickly figure out how to work the cash register that my co-workers were operating with such ease. I bet you would have been great with the meat slicer, though.

3:57 pm  
Blogger Cherrypie said...

Cream - some of my friends backwards and forwards over it for an hour just because they could - saddos!

Brian - trying to do as many new things as possible is my only therapy to cure the acute ennui. I have so far drawn the line at colonic irrigation and botox however. I dread the day either of these start to appeal.

Diane - hello, new friend. Jack always seems to have raided my purse for dinner money just when my pre-paid tickets run out. it's very embarrassing having to write a cheque for 2.50 at rush hour.

Melora - the Bridge is lovely. It was the longest single span in the world when it was first opened. I watched it being built and still get a rush every time I go over it - saddo!


10:06 pm  
Blogger Ian T. said...

Yeah, I can relate - with the Commonwealth Games recently on in Melbourne, public transport was free for everyone going to them, but not to pathetic commuters like me who were merely going to work (in much more crowded conditions than usual). Bah!

7:14 am  

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