Sunday, August 21, 2005

I've already tidied up the chaos Jack managed to create in his 24 hour pit stop between holidays. Turns out the girls were from Tibshelf but they were a bit of a mess so he didn't bother with them much.

He's had a great time, the Ardeche being the best bit. " Mum, it was just stunning but I didn't have anyone to talk to about it in case they thought I was sensitive."

He's in Spain now for 2 weeks. Byron's with him. Byron lived in Spain for a year but came back last summer to do his GCSEs. He's promised Jack he'll chat up the local girls but Jack claims that he doesn't need a foreign language to help him attract the ladies, taking off his shirt is enough!!!

Martian and Sophie have just called in on their way past to Sunday lunch with Sophie's Mum. Martian delivered a lecture on gardening so I guess I ought to take heed and go and buy some RoundUp and a lawnmower so as not to disappoint him. When did my life become so dull?


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