Friday, July 01, 2005

Did you see the headline on Yahoo! today? " House Prices at a Nine Year Low"

Typical! The day before I move. Well, the day before my mortgage interest starts and my Dad turns up on his rare day off to help me move my furniture and I panic and leave anythig else that won't fit in my car.

Noon tomorrow! That's when the keys are handed over. I've already phoned Bernie and begged him to stay and help me with the mortgage repayments. He seemed to quite like the idea. Hope he realised I was only joking ( or was I?) He also told me about a mate of his who is also about to move and may have some gym equipment for sale - help keep my Pilates ball and yoga may friendly in the huge expanse of exercise room. ( Wonder whether he's taken all the mirrors? Could double as a fetish room, is in the back of my mind).

Rachel's been and helped tonight. She was a Star and I'm sure has dashed back to her sanitary home for a long shower in her new and improved bathroom and scrubbed her kitchen floor whether it needed it or not. I'd still have a kitchen full of stuff if it wasn't for her - now I just have a kitchen half full, and a bedroom, junk room and 2 of Jack's bedrooms - good job Mum's not got someone moving straight in.

I may be gone for sometime unless the local Junior School send their Class 3 on a school project to reconnect my computer at the other end.


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