Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I've long known that I have special powers when it comes to special friends. My perceptions are not always appreciated initially but they are usually recognized in the end. But even I did not see this one coming.........

First I cajole Dawn, a beautiful, lively, credible Estate Agent into trying out internet dating. Then she mentions a guy that she's noticed and asks for my opinion. It's only Grim Jim!! My Roman no-roaming-my-way-or-else travel companion!!!!

Well I know how nervous she is, and how tame he is, so I give her the thumbs up( with a caveat that he's very boring and slouches) - expecting all the time they'll both kill me for very different reasons - but hey! match made in heaven. They've had a great night and can't wait to do it again. Cherry Cupid strikes again! I'm wasted as a lawyer.

So I know I can get some things right, just happens that it's only for other people. What I really need is a friend that can introduce me to a bright, fun-loving, poetic, rugby-playing, go-getting, DIY-enrolled, dancing chef (or else a friend that can see other qualities that I might not already have realised are essential to fulfil my needs - multi-personalities need not be considered, yet - or should they? I like to be kept on my toes)

Other things of remark today were Judy ( Neil's secretary) chopped the end of her finger off in a door, Neil ( Judy's heroic Boss) salvaged said finger-end in a tissue without vomitting once, Nick, fellow fee-earner who lives in the room next-door to Brave Neil swooned instantly, the longest he has ever been seen at his desk in months ( or at least since City ended their promotion challenge) , Kathryn headed back to London having colour-coded the entire family possessions, and I made it only 20 minutes late to an appointment and declined a pot of tea!

An eventful day.


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