Saturday, May 21, 2005

The birdlife wasn't quite so abundant on my drive home tonight but the journey was just as magical, given that it was Friday night and I have 2 whole days to indulge my book addiction.

I was tempted to call in at the bird sanctuary on the way home to see if I could spot the elusive Bittern but I decided against it as I was wearing a rather nice pair of kitten heels and it had just been raining.

I also avoided popping into St Tesco's and am currently waiting for the oven to heat up sufficiently to put my home-made lasagne in rather than eat the usual post-work lazy straight out of the tin Macaroni Cheese ( I often don't even bother warming it up - I'm sure Nigella would approve, it's wicked with a pinch of cayenne).

I may need to pay an emergency visit to the book shop tomorrow - down to my last 2 unread tomes ( if you don't count Dr Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution - still not quite got my head round why my long-lost friend sent me that - not that it's not needed but still an odd thing to buy).

God! I swear I just heard the Big Brother theme tune coming from the sitting room - is it not bad enough that we have to endure Abi Titsout and Rebecca Fast'n-Loose without another bunch of wannabes - now is definitely the time to dust off my trainers, recharge the batteries in my Walkman and clock up some mileage. I'll just have a glass of wine while I formulate a training schedule.


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