Tuesday, April 19, 2005

After a full week in the office without any impromptu days off whatsoever you could be forgiven for thinking that I had a relatively quiet, relaxing weekend to recuperate - not so.

Mrs Roger popped over to see me and rescue my hair-do on Saturday afternoon. I'd specifically told the girl in the salon that I did not want barrel curls or sticky out bits. She gave me both! I looked like an extra from Pride & Prejudice! I was ready well before my lift was due which was nice as it gave me time to relax and ensure that my palms weren't clammy.

The evening was entitled " Last Night on the Titanic". It wasn't a total disaster however and I did do rather well on the raffle, coming away with vouchers for a particularly nice lingerie shop, champagne and some crystal champagne flutes. I was shocked when I looked at them in daylight and noticed they had " Bride" and "Groom etched on them - almost dropped them deliberately in fact. But then realised what a fabulously useful prop they might turn out to be - next time I have a chap beginning to outstay his welcome, I need simply hand him the crystal and I'll be guaranteed not to see him for dust!!

Sunday was spent at the rugby with Captain Condom. I was looking forward to it not least because I knew one of the players was a member of a dating site that I may have looked at ever so occasionally. I didn't know his name so studied the team list with keen interest. Nothing stood out as relating to his loggin. F*** me! I opened the program and he's only the flipping team Captain!! I was ever so discreet and only told the select few fellow lawyers in my Box about it - I'd hate to embarrass the poor lad!

Popped into a lovely restaurant in a very glamourous setting on the way back after dropping off the others and picking Sophie up - eyes bigger than belly syndrome again - wish I had taken some of that garlic bread home with me now - I'm starving, not having left my desk since early o'clock this morning - so home before the birds start singing again.


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