Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It was that easy. I just offered and he said "Yes!" - that quick. The Man with the Mortgage isn't such a pushover, he's currently saying " Maybe, Baby". I should get a more definite response tomorrow.

I'm saying " Bella! Bella! Arrivederci, Roma e Mortgage Millstone - Ciao, Mamma, mucho gracias for the digs gratis for the last 8 years!"

Jack is saying " Yes! Yes! Can I have that new double bed we saw the other day? Have you got Emma's number yet? I'm hungry, have you got any food in? I want another motorbike. I'm selling my paintball gun to buy one. Can I invite all my mates to the house-warming? I'm having the front bedroom. God, Mum, you never go shopping. Can we call at BurgerKing on the way home? I do looking, listening and talking - I don't do reading. Can we order a kebab? God, Mum, you're so square, why do you always have to learn all the time? The gym's mine, you'll not use it anyway. Can we get a massive sound system? Have you cooked me anything yet?"

Stephen's saying " You are a wonderful woman, Cheryl. You've done a great job with Jack. Thanks for not taking away my beer money".

I'm thinking one day I might just be able to look back and see how far I've come but that step onto the first rung is going to be very shaky and likely to be my home, with a very tight grip if I'm lucky, more likely an incredibly wobbly start, for the foreseeable future.

Oh! Yogi, the dog comes too.


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