Friday, May 06, 2005

Well that's Plan B scupperred! Apparently, I'm prime lending material ( Yeah! Right! I might look it but am I prime repayment material?)

They'll give me enough to buy the house, pay all the costs and have enough left over for a) emergencies; b) a rainy day; c) a new Nissan 350Z; d) food for the next 5 years ( where else is it going to come from?). I chose option e) I'll just borrow what I need right now, thanks all the same and perhaps you can keep the other £20-odd grand on the shelf for eventualties.

Who am I trying to fool? How can a responsible home-owner consider going to Rome with a man she barely knows, let alone likes, when she can't even pay her Valuation Fees without buttering up the Office Manager for a loan and using thumb screws on not only her own but other firms' receptionists for Swear fees?!!

All this independence lark is very empowering but a joint income would really do wonders for my worry lines right now! It might even bring my Mortgage Protection payments down - you're only how old next birthday? But you have the face of a 52-tear old!!!


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