Friday, May 27, 2005

I've been a bit depressed today. Not sure if it's 'cos

a) I was up at 5 o'clock ( didn't know it was possible to do anything other than meet it at the end of a night before now) so I'm shattered; or

b) my friendly Northern lender has still not scanned in all my bank statements, fingerprints, blood samples and profiles( including family tree) of the last 3 men I slept with ( I only had to go back 5 years) and may well insist I transfer my currently under-control and nought-percent credit to their very reasonably priced 25 year term before they will promise to lend me sufficient to buy my dream home and only hope of escape from my mother's clutches and thus secure my soul to them for my foreseeable lifetime; or

c) there's another bloody Bank Holiday coming up and as happy as I am to choose to spend it alone, it would be nice to have some chuffing options.

I'm rationalising that it might just be d) - I'm hormonal, my period is due, and my present feeling of being on the brink of tears will transform overnight into Bitch-Troll on Speed who wipes the floor with Friday inefficients and hung-over weaker colleagues. ( The department went out tonight - I lasted 25 minutes and 1 Diet Coke before retrieving my car - call it damage limitation; I was tired and not prepared to humour people).

On a lighter note, Jack got made Senior Prefect and is in the shortlist for Head Boy. I have to hope none of the selection committee read my blog and recognize a hand in any letter he might write to the Board in favour of his appointment ( I made him outline his ideas for what he might put, I was impressed but couldn't help giving the odd tip - well! for goodness sake, if I'm gonna write it may as well serve a purpose).


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