Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jack's had a good day.

First of all he gets a letter inviting him to the Three Counties residential course in the summer, then he gets another letter from them confirming he's got a place in the 2006 Australia touring squad ( and would his mum kindly send a cheque for £800 for the deposit within the next couple of weeks!)

And he's just been nominated for Head Boy or Vice-Head Boy for next year - not sure he'll get either but it's more than likely that he'll be a Prefect at least ( but don't tell him I told you). Turns out quite a few of the teachers had voted for him and a huge majority of the kids too. I'm so proud.

It'll look great on his CV when I send him out looking for work to pay the rest of the £3200 he'll need for his 3 weeks in Oz next year.


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