Friday, October 19, 2007

Devon and Hell

I'm driving the 330 miles to my brother's wedding in Devon after work this evening.
This evening.

Black Friday.

The Routeplanner tells me it will take 7hrs and 6 mins. This does not allow for collecting my sister ( the real one, not the step one) from Tiverton train station.

My mother and every news reader in the media tells me I will be lucky to get there before dawn. On Tuesday.

I am happy to do this. He is my only brother, albeit a step one. We are the same age. We were in the same class at school for a year. He is tall, handsome, blonde, surfs, snowboards, plays water polo and is likely to have similar friends.

If he doesn't have a telly, there is likely to be a serious family dispute at 8pm tomorrow night.


Blogger homo escapeons said...

7 hours to go 330 miles? That's too far to cycle, I'd take a car.

Your brother sounds very cool. Have fun...will you be doing any standup routines at the reception?

7:37 am  

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