Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nothing! Na Da! Zilch! Not so much as a whiff of a Valentine Card. I did get a text from Nige the Cameraman but I can't help thinking that was simply 'cos he was using up his free monthly quota rather than any serious romantic intent.

Paul ( he actually prefers his proper name, Harinderpal, to be used in print), now firmly repatriated in Birmingham, also sent me a text in the comfortable knowledge that I'd not have had any others. He's 2 days into his new job and was keen to tell me how all the women appeared to fancy him and that he'd be sure to be running the place before long. I obligingly replied that he should make the most of any office flirtations, they'd get to know him soon enough!

So I curled up on the sofa with a Stephen King novel and scared myself silly for the evening. The phone rang 3 or 4 times. I tried not to be too insulted that people just automatically assumed I'd be at home. One of the calls was from Graeme, organising a surprise meal for his wife's birthday. It being not enough that he is taking her up to Whitby to stay in a swanky hotel for the night, driving her back and taxi-ing her to the end of project celebrations with her colleagues the next night, there's also about a dozen of us turning up to dine with her in her local pub on Saturday. None of which she knows about, and it's not even a special birthday. Where on earth do you find men like this?

I've got a wild date tonight though. Me & my Dad are going to a Talk and Slideshow at the local Nature Reserve. It's all about the history, ecology and conservation of the island in the middle of the river that my bedroom looked onto as a child and which I pass every day on my journey to and from work. It's uninhabited now, other than by a few deer and thousands of migratory wading birds. It's always fascinated me and I was so pleased when Dad said he'd come with me. Who needs romance when you've got a dad who looks like Bill Oddie?!


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