Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I feel sick to my stomach and I want to weep. I cannot believe I have made such a major f*** up. ME! Little Miss Capable! Nobody-does-it-better-than-me ME! Control Freaks R' Us ME!

Why do I always have to interfere? Why can't I just let people quietly get on with things? Why can't I ever do the important things right?

Dashing Darbs reached his London Marathon fundraising target last weekend. He's already raised well over £5000 towards the Elimination of Leukaemia ( www.leukaemia-elf.org.uk) , the disease which stole his young, vibrant and lovely wife from him almost a year ago. Chances are, he'll double it by the time he's finished because he's driven and genuine, totally dedicated and committed to his beautiful boys and because everybody loves him in the same way that anyone who knew Ruth couldn't help but be drawn to her.

He really didn't need me to wade in with my Size 4s and make a pig's ear of organising a night which was supposed to be fun, supportive and raise a few more quid for the coffers. I've been enthusiastically drumming up support for a Comedy Night. I've booked 2 top comedians, hired the Hall and the caterers, sorted out the licensing arrangements and taken a couple of days off work. Everything was under control. Nothing could go wrong.

The local evening paper ran a full page article about it today. It was great publicity....

For an event that was supposed to be happening on 20 March!!!

I've booked the whole shebang for 27 bloody March. 1 entire week later. If that's not disastrous enough, 27 March happens to be Darbs & Ruth's wedding anniversary.

He'd been planning to find a whole to crawl into that day. I doubt I'll have vacated it by then.

www.justgiving.com/darbster If you do one good thing this year, do it here.


Blogger Brian the Mennonite said...

Ouch...sounds like you'll need a bandage for all the lumps you'll be giving yourself. But surely you will be able to make changes for the fundraiser1? Best of luck, and try to be gentle on yourself...we all make flubs every so often.

4:19 am  
Blogger The Tart said...

Dashing Darbs...I love that name!

Girl...take care of yourself & enjoy life...nobody is perfect...ya know, thats what makes life great.

Fun bloggy you have....add more pics...I want to see those guys doin their dance too!

The Tart

8:50 pm  

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