Monday, January 09, 2006

The only thing I really needed to buy this weekend was a mop. I used to have a very efficient one but I had to give up Angel Features, the cleaner when I moved. Call me odd but I can't seem to get enthusiastic about shopping for cleaning items ( apart from scented water for the iron and 6 different types of clothing detergent; the novelty of having a utility room has not yet worn off).

I did try. I made a special trip to a local kitchenware shop, popping into a new deli that I passed on the way and coming out with some yummy looking crayfish ( a gift for Steve and Jack) and some flowers to cheer Rachel up. They didn't stock Vileda. They did have a rather snazzy leopard-print dustpan and brush which would have matched my scrubbing brush, ( it looks great next to the pink floral pan scourer, neither of which have ever seen active service but rather add to the aesthetics of the kitchen sink) but I resisted. They also had some very stylish rubber gloves trimmed with faux fur cuffs and bracelets but they only had them in large and my hands, at least, remain petite. I could have left there, walked away, solvent, after all, I've lived with dirty floors before so my staphyloccocus resistance is a wonder of modern science.

But then I saw it. The Pan of Loveliness. All deep blue enamel over cast-iron, large enough to bathe a baby in, the tantalising scent of dinners to come hovering like a hologram over it, and bearing a whacking great "Half Price Sale" sticker right across the lid.

I am now the proud parent of a Le Creuset 12-pint Risotto Pan. We had an appropriately gloopy pancetta and red wine italian dinner to christen it last night. I will now mostly be eating rice until Pay Day.


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