Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why is it that when I have all the time in the world, no work to go to, no appointments to keep, no deadlines to fulfil, I seem to achieve absolutely zilch other than lying around ambidextrously juggling books, wineglasses and chocolates? Yet give me 50 clients all wanting to see or speak to me, a full diary and 5 x 80wpm secretaries to occupy, I still always seem to find time to write my blog.

I suppose I might use it as an avoidance tactic, why get on with that horrible 46-page Lease when you can be boring someone you've never met and to whom you will never have to justify yourself? Maybe that could be my Resolution - Don't procrastinate today if there's still another day left to do it!

So what did I achieve in the final week of 2005? I dined next to the Deputy PM, at the next table that is, not exactly side by side. The food was still remarkably good though. I cooked my first Christmas Dinner ( if you don't count the fact that I got my Mum to bring the turkey already roasted with her), and managed to avoid conversation through a clever combination of steaming veg, dvds and Eastenders Christmas Special, so no big fallings-out.

I was forced to stay at home for at least 2 whole days when an inch of snow brought the East of England to a shivering halt. I did try and dig myself out with my little coal shovel just as my broad-shouldered neighbour was outside waving off a friend. Tactic worked and he had my driveway cleared in a matter of minutes.

I had a little shindig for some friends, numbers greatly depleted by the weather and winter sniffles, including the guest of honour, which was a bit disappointing. I'm not saying that my friends expect my parties to be crap, but one of them had turned up with a handy 28" colour television ( a portable size if you bear in mind her son is our Loose-Head Prop) , a spare Playstation 2 and an assortment of team games to keep us amused. It kept Jack & I entertained for the rest of the following day, until 3am on New Year's Eve in fact.

We then drove over to Anglesey to celebrate the turn of the year with Lolly and her family in her delightful fisherman's cottage overlooking the stunning Camaes Bay. She's almost as competitive as me but on a much sportier level. She'd arranged Pub Games, including darts, pool etc. I played my part, and even managed to hit the board once or twice. My requests for a Spelling Bee fell on deaf ears ( I even offered to start them off with a rendering of S-U-P-E-R-C-I-L-I-O-U-S).

Next day we headed back to the Chester border after a bracing walk around the headland, past surfers who must have escaped from a nearby institution, and continued to celebrate the start of the new year with Jack's paternal family. And before you know it, I'm back here at the same desk, sitting on the same chair that has moulded itself to my shape, the car park is about to close and I am going to have to make a run for it if I don't want to have to climb all the stairs to the top floor. The only thing that has changed is the Calendar. Gone are the worthy pictures of cutesy little Thai mountain children. Hello, rugged, roughtie-toughtie Lifeboat men, your rubber wellies will certainly brighten my days!


Blogger Brian the Mennonite said...

Books, wine, chocolates, snow...sounds like Christmas at my house. We even have a deputy prime minister, but I'm so not political, I wouldn't have the foggiest who he is.
I liked your post tremendously. It's good to have you back in your office. May your men in wellies bring you much joy this year.

12:34 am  

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