Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's Graeme's fault. He shouldn't have described the steaks to me. Or told me the price, or mentioned that the chef was newly-arrived from the lauded organic place just outside the town. I'd have been ignorantly content with my new risotto pan for weeks.

Instead, I spent the early part of the week thinking of nothing else but fillet, peppercorn sauce and chunky chips and calculating just when and more importantly, with whom, I was going to enjoy it. There was no way I was going to be able to hold out 'til Dashing Darbs got a baby-sitter, and I doubt he'd want to waste a precious night out on satisfying my greedy whims. I could have called Single Sean. I sort of owe him dinner, although I'd only ordered cannelloni when he took me out just before Christmas so it hardly counts. Besides, he's single for a reason and I didn't want anything to dull my appetite.

I settled on Moustache Mark. He's a boy who appreciates a good meal. There was a slight risk that his top lip might act as food velcro but I was pretty sure he'd trimmed on the night of my party. He's also incredibly obliging when it comes to flat-packed furniture and as I was planning to call into IKEA this weekend, it wouldn't do any harm to soften him up.

Graeme had been right. The food was delicious. The only problem was resisting the urge not to go back the following night to try the Sea Bass. I've subsequently managed to persuade a couple of dozen rugby parents to join me there for dinner next weekend. I have no idea how I achieved this, but I did let Debbie think it was all her idea. She likes organising things, she's good at it. I expect we will all have scanned menus in our Inbox tomorrow morning ( I may decorate my blog with it).

And I put together my new bedside table all by myself whilst watching Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events ( or rather the opening credits, there's only 3 pieces of unstained wood and half a dozen screws but then what do you expect to buy from Sweden for less than 7 quid?!) I was tempted to buy another so I could have a matching pair framing my bed, but it failed my usefulness and necessity test. It's unlikely it would be used for at least another 30 years, and only then to hold a glass with my teeth in.


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