Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My home is filled with the wonderful aroma of bread sauce. I haven't actually made any bread sauce. That's a treat preserved for Christmas only when I make a pan big enough to keep me going every time I go to the fridge for the next week. No. I made bread sauce-scented potato gratin to accompany the sage and onion chicken and sausages that I cooked for Janine yesterday. How did I ever manage to feed myself and my friends before Nigella?

I did the whole menu finishing off with chilli-cinnamon chocolate pudding with extra sauce. Jack complained bitterly about the unnecessary addition of spices to what should be a purely sweet dessert. It didn't stop him almost licking the pattern off the bowl though. I might make it again tonight and take some into work later if the week for poor old Rachel who is recovering from a bad back allegedly caused by kicking off her slippers! I've heard some good excuses in my time, made up most of them myself but that really is inspired.

I've just finished my last shift at one of our satellite branches. Lynsey's still away for another 2 weeks but Jane's back now so the Boss expects her to see all the clients. I've told the secretaries just to book the appointments into my office and persuade the clients to travel into the town. That way everyone's happy.

I quite enjoy my brief trips into the sleepy holiday camps that are the branch offices. The secretaries are always so grateful for any help, they make me cups of coffee and fetch me a sandwich at lunchtime ( one of them is next to a bakery that does wonderful pies so it's a good job I only have to go a few times a year) and no-one knows which extension I'm on so the phone is refreshingly quiet. It also reassures me that I am still the fastest and most efficient conveyancer I know when I see the amazed looks on the girls faces when they see how quickly I devour a pile of files and fill tapes. I suspect that's another reason why I only get asked a few times a year. It wears them out trying to keep up with me.

I'm glad I was out of my own office this afternoon. Someone had thrown a large metal object through my window when I got to work this morning. I'm on the first floor so I'm not taking it personally. It probably broke off one of the windows opposite and they just threw it out not realising that the street between us is so narrow, we could almost shake hands if we leaned out far enough. Kevin the handy man was coming to fix it. There's nothing wrong with Kevin, he's pleasant enough, but he has that irritating habit of holding a conversation with a woman's cleavage. I'm sure he'd have no idea what I looked like if he ever saw me from the head up.
It also meant I couldn't saunter around the room in my stockinged feet. I'd bought new shoes at the weekend and they were pinching my toes. Jacquie had done a good job of clearing up the glass but it was better to be on the safe side.

Jack's out with his mates so I'm going to cook myself a minute steak and then finish off the rest of those delicious heart-attack inducing potatoes for supper with lots of black pepper and some creamed spinach. I've already had a pie today so the diet might as well start tomorrow (again).


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