Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why my son will never be a Blogger

Hi mum! i'm having a really gud time, I finally got rested up afta the tournament. I twistd my gud ankle and it was hurtin but now its fine, i had a slightly bruised eye socket lol. I always pick up the odd boot mark and grazed limb. Draculas* was really gud lots of gud song covers, n very cute dancers! I was sat on the table which weren't drinkin lots of booze infact ive only had 2 bottols wile i have been here! But the uva lads got a rite bolocking becoz some of them groped the waitresses lol

...som of the lads haved pickd up a bug, Me being 1 of them, i have a really sore throat and bad chest, findin it hard to tlk! Sydney is rava small compered 2 london! the sydney opera house luks like a piece of architectual genius! lol got extremely wet on the jet boat today aswel! 'interesting andy' is gettin on alot of peoples tits with his unintellegent snide remarks at every opotunity and his sarcasm WELL! I'm still being friendly with him don't worry! I haven't sent a postcard yet but i will go on a quest to find 1 4 u 2mora! can u email me peoples adresses please.
-grandad vic
-lisa kev
- auntie k
and any1 else u can think of.

pass on my love to grandma n grandad,fly, rosie and spesh DARIUS!

love u lots! miss u! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

In hindsight, perhaps that English Correspondence Course - by TXT - 1n't such gud valU afta'll!

By the way, did I mention he was Captain? ( leaves stage right with heaving bosom)

* a themed restaurant where the staff perform song and dance routines at regular intervals


Blogger andrea said...

Brilliant! And now I'll have to add 'gettin on alot of peoples tits' to my vocabulary.

PS Wanna date? Visit my blog.

12:49 am  
Blogger CeCe said...

Geez.. looks like that education really DID pay off!

5:16 am  
Blogger homo escapeons said...

'eez a fine lad mum, fine lad. Salt'o de ert 'ee iz.

Feeling a little downunder downunda is par for the course. Lucky little bugger. I am sooo jealous.

However, 2 bottols (sic) is not to be believed, unless he means every half hour.

6:13 am  
Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

Please, please, I beg you, clarify that the gentleman referred to as "grandad vic" is not me.
Had you listened to my advice, you would not have allowed him to go to foreign parts without you until he was at least seven.

7:44 am  
Blogger Pete said...

does he read this blog?

7:59 am  
Blogger Stegbeetle said...

Looks very sharp in the suit.

8:40 am  
Blogger Cherrypie said...

Vicus, the truth was bound to come out sooner or later. I'm amazed we've kept it quiet this long.

Pete - he don't Do readin'. He does lookin', listenin, but never readin'.

10:37 am  
Blogger Carmenzta said...

What a cute mac daddy! I'm sure you are missing him a lot. I love the encrypted writing style he has!

3:18 pm  
Blogger Quietman said...

Clarification please.

"unintellegent" - is that irony?

5:10 pm  
Blogger Frontier Editor said...

Now THAT's "swave and deboner"!

When he mentioned 'uva' was he referring to those toffee-nosed types from the University of Virginia?

8:11 pm  
Blogger St Jude said...

Aw.. you've got to love him, he at least took the time to write to his mum. He's just conserving his energy.

8:34 pm  
Anonymous Beki said...

You can hear the grind of a thousand English teachers turning in their graves!

I love bollocking with one l. One l of a bollocking - boom boom.

Sounds like he is having a great time - gud on im!

9:53 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

I agree with Jude, at least he wrote, bless him.

5:53 pm  
Blogger Zanna_x said...

Lol I see what you mean CP.

10:37 pm  
Blogger Allotment Lady said...

Ah Bless

Brings back memories when mine took to wandering for a year or so.

Big wet tears when I received and email which said,

'Mum, for the first time in my life I have remembered to send you a message on Mothers Day. Even got the time difference right, thousands of mile away. Thinking of you - luv ya lots - '

He was in the middle of Australia somewhere is a backpackers shed for the night. I was really impressed.

However on his eventual return to the UK and my mentioning it - he told me that the manager of the place was an English girl and kept nagging all the lads - standing over them even - to text or email their mothers.

Thought pigs had too flight too.

A great and original blog - am emjoying reading it all so much

11:26 am  

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