Saturday, September 24, 2005

I'm looking forward to my weekend. I'm going on an RSPB boat trip off the East Coast to see migrating sea birds. I've been wanting to go on one for ages and I discovered quite by chance that they had some running this weekend.

My first plan was to book into a tacky B&B on Saturday night and enjoy the whole corny seaside thing, including a full english breakfast to line the stomach in case of choppy seas next morning and fish & chips for lunch on the way back. Unfortunately the only person daft enough to agree to go with me on this boat trip is busy tomorrow night ( although what is so good that it can't be cancelled in favour of the opportunity of staying overnight under a candlewick bedspread with flock wallpaper and more to the point, me for company in seperate rooms of course, is beyond me). Instead he's picking me up at 7am on Sunday and I'm going to drive us up there ( his hip is still painful from where he broke it earlier this year).

He has admitted to having not terribly good sea legs, which is a bit of a bugger 'cos from my point of view the rougher the better, I love all that up and down rolling motion, sheets of spray coming over the front of the boat and drenching the few passengers brave enough to venture out on deck. I've told him the forecast is good but in reality I haven't checked and couldn't really care less just so long as it's not predicting Hurricane Katrina.

There's a fungus forage in the local park on Sunday afternoon I noticed as I was flicking through the council's newsletter last night. It's the first one they've done and I'd have loved to go on that but I doubt we'll have made it back in time. Besides, I'm probably pushing my luck with Bernard already. I'll have to look out for another and try and lure some of other schmuck along.


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