Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In the Last Three Weeks...

I've spent a weekend in Birmingham on a housing conference.

I've seen Van Morrison and Morrissey in the same week, the former on a free Press ticket. I've written my first music review which will be published next month. The review written by the proper journalist I went with was rejected. I tried not to feel ever so slightly smug. Beginner's luck.

I've had a perm. It was very hard trying to find an afro comb. I had to go back to 1988 before they were in stock.

I've been to the pictures twice. I've had 2 Board Meetings and a smear test.

I'm on the back of the local free Arts mag this month. I'd have changed the names of the real friends I'd written about if I'd known they'd use it. There can't be too many Candice's with big tits in Lincolnshire.

I've got plaster on my walls. That temporarily was at the expense of electricity which managed to become disconnected during the plastering process. All utility services are now fully functioning.

I have partial flooring and beautiful laminate in my conservatory. There is a very good chance I may have furniture by Easter.

I have had a couple of dates and another on Friday. I have a writing tutorial tomorrow. That is quite possibly the most significant meeting of all.

I have had a DVD of 32 Morrissey videos lovingly made for me by a chap who really needs to get out of his flat more. It came in the post yesterday. I was thrilled.

I won my first ever eBay auction. I am now the proud owner of a Vintage Deluxe Scrabble set.

I have a rugby pitch to shiver beside this evening.

I have taken over the running of the comedy clubs. Jon's moving to Manila. He tried extreme internet dating and liked it. I'll be in Hull, Louth, Doncaster, Thirsk, Scarborough and possibly Durham.

I have to find a way to eat, sleep, shop and iron whilst driving.

Any suggestions?


Blogger Pete said...

excuse me I'm going to get a hot chocolate. reading that tired me out.

see Van Morrison once. My review? He was CRAP! Jan had been raving about him finally dragged me along and even she admitted it was the worst Van M concert she had been to.

8:41 pm  
Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

Gadzooks! You are quite the "going concern".
Would you be so kind as to scan and post the back of the Arts mag, pretty please...
oh and throw in a picture of Candace if it's not too much trouble.

6:19 am  
Blogger Krimo said...

Hope you visit if you're up in Durham or Thirsk, Cherrybabes.
Always a pleasure!

1:16 am  
Blogger kj said...

all i care about is it's nice to hear from you! the spunk is in tact. i care about that too.


1:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Course, there are some meetings more significant than others. There are some significant meetings that don't seem instantly that significant, but that's the wonderful thing isn't it - sometimes great things can happen if you let them.

12:05 pm  

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