Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm supposed to be dieting. Again. Which means I can think of nothing but food. I thought if I immersed myself in work it might take my mind off it. Unfortunately, every file I pick up just appears to make things worse. All my clients currently seem to be called Pye, Berry, Lamb, Crisp, Herring, McDonald, Roe, and I even have one matter on called Bacon and Leake which had me dreaming of quiche all afternoon!! If their names aren't resemblant of food, then the clients themselves are likely to be Chinese, Mexican, Indian or Thai.

So I've left work behind me for a few days and instead shall turn my attention to the festering kitchen, which is bound to suppress my appetite. There are now life forms in my sink more sophisticated than my last 3 boyfriends. I soon won't need to renew my subscription to I'll be able to grow my own.


Blogger Joyce said...

Hmmm... a life form who is always there, is not intimidated by the kitchen, never says no.... Maybe you're onto something. When he gets dull, you can simply flush him down the drain. You'll be the envy of all your friends.

3:16 am  

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